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The progression of video games in a few decades.

"lets get rid of all the cool disturbing box people and replace them with boring real people" - the fatcat fools in charge of video games

i cant wait until sophie turner realizes her love for natalie dormer is the gay kind of love

mockingjay trailer came out today huh

my class has like 80 running jokes about shrek


ok if you are a queer person in a straight relationship obviously you don’t have as much straight privilege as a straight person in a straight relationship but how the hell can anyone argue you don’t derive some significant measure of straight privilege from said straight relationship

it’s truly amazing how fundamentally the concept of privilege is misunderstood in a context in which it is held up as the lodestone of all sociocultural reality



Series Premiere MONDAY SEPT 22 at 8/7c on FOX!

before was cat woman there was kyle there selina gotham



This dress makes me want to die

Fuck me alive


A front photo with my hand rose.. my phone is crap at low light. Really into doing these flowers. Booking for for Vancouver for the 22 to 25th, who wants some?

Anonymous asked: What is getting expensive for you? Maybe we can help? I found replacing almond milk with homemade rice milk saved lots :) Tofu for scramble has been cheaper than eggs (in my area at least). Anything specific? I know how shitty it is trying to eat vegan and healthy on a low budget :(

literally just anything cooked is so much more expensive than non vegan food and i have to buy most of my food already made because im literally busy 24/7. like homemade rice milk sounds great but when you live in a tiny room with two other people and don’t have a kitchen, that’s not really gonna happen, ya know? I’ve eaten nothing but cereal all week because all the place next to my school sells is $1 pizza and $7 tofu and like I can’t spend $7 on lunch I don’t have $7 it sucks

ive been eating vegan for over a month now and it’s getting way too expensive for me i feel like i should go back to just vegetarian but i would feel so bad about it

Through the Dark

I just want my high school to be a nice place. Amen.